Bueno Amigos Aqui Les Dejo La Nueva Produccion del Poderoso Polymarchs 2010 Contiene
2 CD’s. Espero Y Les Guste.
 PolymarchS 2010 CD. 1:
1.-Cleopatra Session

–Beach Clubbers – Mi amore
Belmond and Parker – Poker Face (Casino Bass Mix)
–In-Grid – Le Draguer
–May – Because the night
–capitan Hollywood – It Hurts Whith You
–Lovematic Feat Sharon May Linn – Send me an angel

2.-Amenofis Session

–Tom Boher & anca parghel Feat Fly Project – Brasil
–Fiesta de la musica – Give me the Summer
–Dian Solo Feat Mescalex – One More Time
–Katerine – Ayo Technology
–Belmond and Parker – Feel It
–Mowo Vs Fratty & Presti Feat Sharon May Linn – Don´t Go Lose it Baby
–Brizi Vs Laura Gaeta – Boa Sorte (Good Luck)

3.-Tutankhamon Session

–Cristina Marchi Feat Feelx – Loue Sex American Express
–Funk-k – Dirty Cash 2009
–Goldstein – 100% Pure Love
–L.B.G – Good As My Love
–Ian Rogers Feat Kris Layne – What to oo Whith you (It´s Revenge I Need)
–Kris Reen Vs Majuri – Lift Me Up
–Benny Benassi Feat Channing – Come Flay Away

PolymarchS 2010 CD. 2:
1.-Ramses Session

–Inni – Hot
–Y2k – Think About the Way
–Heart of Space – Give it 2 Me
–Kichen Vs Yasca Pres Nado – Feel the Sunshine (Summer Anthem 2009)
–Stylus Robb – Innina Tora
–Gambafreaks – Down down down 2009
–Edd – It´s my Life

2.-Keops Session

–Baby Killa – La Carta
–Freaks Jam Vs Dj Holly – Voices
–Dj Maurice – Let´s Get Louder
–Nils Van Zandit Vs Robert Abigail Feat Jay Ritchey – Party Jam (Say Whoop)
–Alex Barattini – Abc
–Fedo Feat Ask – Gypsy
–Wolffman – U Get Your Hands Up (Tha Bass Goes Boom Boom Boom)

3.- Narmer Session

–Madamoiselle Luna Feat Mister Cosmic – Get Ready 2 Dance
–Kalwi & Remi – Explosion
–Jordan – Funky Beatzz
–Belmond and Parker – Ping Pong
–Lade Bee Feat Bruce & Bongo – Geil ! 2k9
–Pronto – Get Fun
–Schenetti Vs Rivaz Feat the Hb Gang – Who da Fuck